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Gearbox finally showed us Borderlands 3 at PAX East

This game has been long awaited since Borderlands The Prequel and Tales of the Borderlands. There were only speculations and rumors up until this point where Gearbox has teased us from their video of Masks of Mayhem then finally at PAX East, the official trailer of Borderlands 3.

The trailer itself is jammed packed with what we expect from a Borderlands game. Starting off with iconic mask then shows us what the antagonist of the game would like. They looked far off from the usual massive overreaching company like Atlas and Hyperion. Next we see the Lilith making her come back once again as well other characters Maya.

But the best part is they finally reveal of the 4 main Vault Hunters. Rather than sticking the usual format of the past games they’ve now hybridized them. For instance, the Soldier/Commando instead of having an immovable turret now it’s a giant mech like Gaige’s robot. The Siren this time is far from a support character and is now a Brick-esque powerhouse.

Then we get an all-powerful Sax solo by the Big man himself, Brick. It was every bit as good as Epic Sax Guy. As it is borderlands, it never forgets to promise bazillions more guns to play around. The trailer is what every borderlands fans wants.

Gearbox has stated to comeback again on April 3 for more information and we can’t wait for it.

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