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How to get PC games for cheap, or for free (legally): The Shortest Guide

Ever wanted a free game? Or even cheaper than the original price? Well, here’s your chance to know more about it.

Every month, there’s always a free game. It may be an old game or a fairly recent game. But it’s a game that’s free to take with no time limit (and you will legally own a copy than the pirate crap you download from the w@rez websites, which takes efforts for you to copy-paste the “cracks”). But if none of the games you like are up for free, you can always take a game for nearly half of its original price tag. Or eventually, nearly 90% off from its original price tag. However, getting free games from gifts is… Well… Getting a game for free from a friend.

So, I’mma gonna divide the house with FREE and SALE. So let’s start!

Free (V1) – Getting it 100% free without much effort.

A sample of Epic Bundle’s free game placard on their site.

On Epic Bundle‘s website, there’s a 100% chance that you will see them posting up a free game directly. Whether it’s an old one or a less-likely not seen but an enjoyable game, you can eventually keep it entirely 100% for free.

I started getting games for free without paying for them as long as I have the game clients in my PC. Such as Steam, EA Origin, Ubisoft UPlay Launcher, Bethesda, Epic Games Launcher, and others (if there are any). Most of the time, the free games are not with a launcher. Sometimes, you’ll have to get them through another source.

One example for a game that I got 100% for free (it’s old but better than pirating it) is Saints Row 2. In order to get it, I got to go on to claim it. And eventually, I have to install them as a whole package since GOG never had a game launcher (but now they do).

So, for 100% free games Epic Bundle’s… Just subscribe to their email listing or eventually go on to their Facebook page.


If I were you, do a lookout on journalist websites and Facebook pages. Sometimes, you’ll land a goldmine that never is suppose to happen. Like this one time, I found out on that Steam was secretly making Left 4 Dead 2 for free (literally) for only 24 hours and I grabbed the chance to do so. That’s the result of subscribing to the newsletters. It paid off eventually.

You’re free to grab any free game as long as you play it or eventually just pile it on your game account (like me, on Steam).

On the Other Hand

There are totally free games except most of them are similar to mobile games instead. If you want those sort of games, you can get them via the Microsoft Store if your OS is on Windows 10.

Free (V2) – Getting it 50% with some efforts.

Ok. So what is this?

it’s basically getting a game for free with some “actual cash” you earn from doing something. But i’m not talking about earning money literally for buying a game but earning yourself some gift cards.

Just a month ago, I went on Capterra to do some product reviews on the softwares that I use. And a few days later, I got some gift cards, worth enough to buy myself a Season 2 DLC pack for Tekken 7 on Steam.

Of course it costs time but as long as you’re into it, your determination in getting free games (or virtual cash for your paypal account to get something) will be worth the effort.

Apart from getting gift cards from Capterra, you can also earn from AppBounty as well.

Sales – Getting it from 10% to 90% off!

G2A’s banner for the Weekly Sale. Click on the link to see what’s on sale now.

I mentioned earlier about and Epic Bundle. However, does not mean that they’re the only websites to go. You could also eventually go to the sites that Epic Bundle features on their page such as Humble Bundle, Green Man Gaming, and Indie Gala. These are the best sites to go for whenever you cannot wait for the Steam sale to happen (which is during the biggest holidays and seasons of the year). Major Steam sales don’t happen everyday but if you want to get it lower, your best bet are these websites.

Anyways, feel free to click on the sites below and bookmark them in your browser:

PS: There is no guarantee that console gaming will be involved in here as most of them will be on the PC platform.

Before you can go off, feel free to check out the sales that these websites are doing for a limited time only.


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