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Livestreaming these days has become ever increasingly more popular and it’s not only for gaming now but for many things. Livestreaming sites like Twitch and Facebook have been hosts to these but were reliant on third-party tools to make the streams in better quality.

One of these third-party tools is BeLive. Belive lets stream from Facebook or Twitch with relative ease. Making streaming be so easy whether you’re on a desktop or on a phone and the best part of this. You can try it out for a free 14 day- trial and it has the cheapest options for broadcasting.

You start by going to their website BeLive.tv and start for free from there you pick a pricing package and sign up with facebook. Afterwards you can easily make a broadcast and it gives you four options to better suit the broadcast. These Solo, Interview, Talk Show and their newest addition Twitch Talk Show but this is still in the beta.

Solo is what most people go for. The simple format of just you and the facebook commenters makes it good for engaging one on one. If not there’s interview where you can invite a friend from their desktop or phone and creates a split screen or one of you handles the camera. Setting up takes no hassle at all.

One of BeLive’s main assets that I like is how well it organizes your broadcasts. Not to mention the scheduling of your streams. Scheduling allows people to set up a broadcast in advance. This makes it easier to let people know you’re gonna do a livesteam without having to post it everywhere even sends through messenger as well, how convenient! This gives them a description, start time and image.

BeLive has so many features and all of them is easy access and personalized to your liking. One of the things I like is the name bar when you broadcast. It’s simple and doesn’t obstruct the broadcast. Not only that but BeLive gives you a variety of layouts to personalize your broadcast and let’s you upload your own design. Once you start the broadcast, you don’t even need to leave the website to check facebook. It’s all in there for your convience like your reactions and comments.

There’s barely any downside to this as I was able to get it and broadcast with no problems whatsoever.

I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to start out their streaming career.

Sign up for a 14-day free trial and start your own awesome streams. Join our community of 8k+ content creators on the BeLivers Group. Read our blog for more tips on how to start your own live video.

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BeLive.TV lets you create a professional and engaging live show in minutes. Learn more on how you can turn engagements into actions that can help grow your career as a streamer.



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