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PM’s Honest Impression: Isekai Quartet

Isekai Quartet Honest Impression

So what happens when you combine the four of the biggest Isekai animes of previous seasons into one world? You get the Isekai Quartet. I don’t know whose mad mind got this idea but I love it and I want more of it! If you think that the Isekai genre has been over satuarated by overpowered protagonist with harems, well this is a really refreshing idea and I hope no one else copies it. With that being said, let’s dissect this anime into pieces, shall we?



For Overlord and Re:Zero fans, this type of anime shorts is not new. From Overlord, we got the Ple Ple Pleaides series and Re:Zero with Starting Break Time With Zero. The cutesy chibi animation from those series has now been adapted to both KonoSuba and Tanya the Evil, by which is a welcome addition.

We all know that chibi-fied anime characters are not new but with the addition of, somehow, slapstick comedy in the mix, you will definitely see the charm. We’ll tackle more on that with the Story review. Who would have thought that Tanya would be this cute and less terrifying than her original version? I just hope she doesn’t read that.


I love it! As simple as that. From the sound of both OP and ED, the cast definitely had fun singing it. I’ll be honest, I’m having a hard time choosing between what song is the best: the OP, where all of the cast members sang, or the ED, which all of the female leads sang. ARGH! It’s really hard to choose!!!!

The fun thing about this is that most of them are in character while singing both songs. Who have thought that Ainz can have a very baritone singing voice? Did someone just…

Voice Acting

Who have thought that the VAs of Tanya the Evil will be doing a parody? I mean Overlord’s and Re:Zero’s has already made their own parody series and KonoSuba is a comedy Isekai. But I have to say the way they interact with one another is what you would expect if you see another group was comedy gold and the VAs did a superb job of voicing their respective characters.

I’m just wondering how the VA of both  Emilia and Megumin will react to each other. Since we are already here why not ask, right? Right? Anyone?


This anime is mad. Well, Ainz says it better “This world has some serious power balance issues!” If you separate each story, we have 2 protagonists, Ainz and Tanya, that were already adults from their former lives and had jobs. While the other 2 are both NEETs. That’s all I’m going to say, sue me.

Anyways, 1 of the 4 animes is already a comedy which doesn’t make sense adding it into a parody. But somehow, SOMEHOW, the writers was still able to add KonoSuba characters into the mix of depressing, evil and eviler animes. I’ll let you guys guess which one is which. The parodies of Overlord and Re:Zero is funny enough on their own but adding Tanya the Evil, which a very serious war anime, and KonoSuba, which it doesn’t take itself seriously, into the mix makes one hell of chaotically funny anime.

As far as I can see it, they’ll mix the comedic style of KonoSuba and Ple Ple Pleiades and turn it to a bubbling cauldron of chaos and uncertainty.

Since we currently have 2 episodes, we will have to wait and see what will happen next. I just hope that useless goddess doesn’t get in trouble. Who am I kidding? She’ll pick a fight with Ainz without her knowing it herself.


This is the anime parody that we didn’t expect but the one that we need. Since we are getting a lot of good Isekai animes like Shield Hero and I got reincarnated as a Slime, we definitely need a break from all of the seriousness. And this is the anime that will do it.

What do you guys think? Do you think they’ll beat each other up battle-royale style? Or will the power the of friendship will rule them all? Please let us know in the comments. If you want your favorite anime to be reviewed by yours truly, please let me know what series and I’ll definitely check it out.





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