8BitDo announces new range of bluetooth controllers


During E3 2018, the retro accessory maker 8BitDo announced that they’re releasing brand new set of Bluetooth controllers that will work on any platform even the Nintendo Switch. It will feature a fully featured retro-style controller, Bluetooth capability, vibration, motion controls and a Type-C USB.


 SN30 GP

The SN30 GP, which is inspired by the old Game Boy Pocket and will come in 5 colors much like the old system. It’ll make you feel like playing the good ol Game Boy.


Zero 2

Heavily inspired by both the Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy Classic, the Zero 2 comes in 5 colors as well. The cool thing about this controller is that it’s billed to be the world’s smallest and most powerful Bluetooth controller with motion controls even.

SN30 Pro+

The SN30 Pro+ is the enhanced version of the SN30 Pro and it features new handles and trigger buttons and will also be available in 3 designs such as SNES, SFC and Game Boy Classic.


All of these will be available soon with the SN30 GP coming out on Christmas.


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