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A DJ and Music Producer’s Life with ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M1

My ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M1 is actually been used for months now and still going strong as my device for multimedia purposes. Like this thing is the reason why my ranks in some games are on the top because I can play as long as I could without worrying its battery life. Now, even if ASUS markets this phone towards gaming and other multimedia, how’s the Zenfone Max Pro M1 when it comes to productivity? And how did I find the long batter life handy as a Music Producer and DJ? This is where I’ll tell you all about it.

Now, My productivity is kinda unpredictable at the moment since everything I do inside and outside of the usual Tech and Geek content relies on what ideas can we make on a certain topic. So for example, if the team decided to make a feature video about a certain product or game, we mark that on our GCalendar or Google Keep to track everything we can do for the content. Simple enough as taking notes everytime ideas struck. Simple enough.

But let’s get deeper into what I usually do with the Zenfone Max Pro M1 aside from taking notes on ideas, and schedules, and normal stuff. If you guys don’t know already, I’m starting to grow my old career again as a Music Producer and Club DJ, so 80% of the time whenever wants to hire me to do a set, I’m fiddling around with some new tracks to mix. Despite having your fellow writer let you borrow his DJ Controller for small events, it’s still hard to practice without your own DJ controller. So what do I use? I use Algoriddim’s djay 2 to practice my set. Most layman knows that DJs ‘only to press play and cue and stuff.’ Well, 25% of that is true, but it’s not easy than it sounds. Because not all music can fit one track to another, you have to find a match for it. So, with djay 2, I can test certain music without digging into your laptop and even your DJ controller on-the-go. Now you’re asking if how’s DJ-ing on a Zenfone Max Pro M1, it’s actually pretty good! Probably with a proper adapter, I can start a small set with this phone and prior to its long battery life, it’s no contest to my old flagship smartphone.

Now, how about when I actually do play in the clubs that have DJ sets already? This is where it gets interesting and find Zenfone Max Pro M1 pretty handy especially if you’re going to do it after working for a whole day. Most DJ sets in the club use Pioneer DJ products, and for new DJ Players like the CDJ-350/400/850/900 and newer have network support. And this is where Pioneer DJ’s rekordbox come in to play. Even if my laptop also have rekordbox installed for playlists, hot cues, etc., it’s still pretty handy to have a backup library in your phone and having convenience in loading tracks to your decks from your mobile is something you might need in case your old-fashioned USB flash drive is missing.

How about making music? How do you jot down ideas when you’re not at the home studio? I have different ways when it comes to making electronic or hard dance music, one of them is an app called Maestro, it’s a simple music notation software where you can compose your melody for your certain track. And most of us composers agree that ideas can come from anywhere at any given moment and it could be a masterpiece once you’re done with it. Most of the one-liner melody tracks you’ve might heard like “SUNTUKAN,” “Ihanda ang Xandata” (Project Xandata-inspired Music,) “Laro Tayo!,” and “Manila Lights” are jot down using this app somewhere commuting or something.

But Nico, can you do that on any other phone, right? Yes! But the main difference here is I can do this anytime whatever I needed without worrying about my phone getting drained that often. I can do everything that I just mentioned for the whole day with Zenfone Max Pro M1 without ever topping up and still have leftover at the end of the day for Photos, Social Media, and stuff.

I’m still happy that the Battery King that doesn’t just serves me well on mobile gaming, but on my life as a DJ and Music Producer. The Zenfone Max Pro M1 could be your productivity booster and it’s not just always in the life of what i’ve been working on, but also on everything else. With the ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M1‘s battery life, worrying about your battery life for the whole day will be a thing in the past.

You can buy the ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M1 today and available in two variants:
4GB/64GB – 16MP+5MP Rear CamerasPHP 10,995
3GB/32GB – 13MP+5MP Rear CamerasPHP 8,995


Nico Guarte / NicDroid

"Jack of All Trades" of the Media Team. Host, Editor-in-Chief, Music Producer, Streamer, loves Rhythm Games. The "Philippine deadmau5" as friends call him.

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