About Us


The NerdDroids started from Nicdroid Tech, an old blog site that started with people such as Nico Guarte, Dwight Ocampo, and Hilde Kuefer.

When Jan Duarte met Nico, they both decided for the rebranding of the team and hence created The NerdDroids as an end result. And with PM joining the group, we produced a stronger foundation.

Marlo and Marco joined later for camera work

Current Team Memebers

  • Nico Guarte – CEO / Team Leader
  • Dwight Ocampo – Editor-in-Chief / Facebook Page Manager
  • PM Pangonilo – Editor / Writer
  • Hilde Kuefer – Cameraman / Photographer / Videographer
  • Marlo and Marco Tiquia – Cameraman / Videographer / Mobile phone expertise (Marlo only. Not Marco. Marco’s lazy)
  • Jan Duarte – Site Administrator / Webmaster

Our Focus

We’re mostly focused on the following topics:

  • Technology (IT-related, computers, entertainment systems, computer hardware, computer software, smartphones, electronics)
  • Music (J-Pop, K-Pop)
  • Movies (International)
  • Anime and Manga relevant
  • Lifestyle (Food, restaurants, cars, clothing)
  • Events and Press Conferences relevant to the said topics


We’re affiliated now with the following partners:

  • Green Man Gaming
  • Humble Bundle
  • Indie Gala
  • Sony Philippines
  • Asus Philippines
  • Asus ROG Philippines
  • HyperX Philippines
  • Pornhub
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