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Barangay 143 EP1: PM’s First Honest Impressions

I know the hype of Barangay 143 is big among Filipino anime fans and GMA 7 is really giving it all when it comes to showing off the first ever Filipino-made anime. This is my first impression on the “anime”. I’m using quotes here because I have more questions on the matter. Also, there are some spoilers here. You’ve been warned.

First: Animation. It could use some work. The way I see it, they thought making lips flap is enough to convince the people that the characters can talk. Seriously, why did they release this in that kind of condition? Both background and character design are good but the key animation is dreadful. Some of the movements are not fluid or doesn’t look natural.

Second: Voice Acting. I know that they got some of the biggest name in the Philippine Showbiz but doesn’t mean they are good voice actors. Some of them can’t portray the role properly. Yes, the english lines are good but it lack the emotional impact. And it sounds like Bren’s lines are not edited properly. They sound like an amateur edited it. There are still some BG noise when he speaks. You really can’t take him seriously. And I know they have children in the “anime” as well but they sound robotic, in a way.

I want to point out the part where the crowd are cheering for the Pusakals, when the 3 girls doesn’t sound like 3 girls. And the cheering sounds forced, as well. It doesn’t sound like anyone is cheering for their team. But I like the announcers, though. I know it’s not equivalent to a stadium-full of people but you get the idea. The main point of this is: they need better VAs or get better on voice acting.

Third: Music. They need to remove the sound effects on the opening theme song. How can the people enjoy the music if they can hear sound effects here and there. Props to Gloc 9 though, he really gave the opening song a beat that you can really enjoy. Too bad you can’t enjoy it when you watch it. The best thing about animes is that the opening theme song will give you a sense of hype for the new episode. But since this is Philippine TV were talking here, you can only enjoy the full 15 seconds of it.

Background music is good but it could be better. I mean, they didn’t show the whole basketball match in the first half but the music will keep you going. With the second half, yeah, I’ll leave it at that.

Last: The Story. My gosh, this is overly cliché. Yeah the phasing is good but it’s too freaking cliché!!!!! You know this is a Filipino-made story because it has the elements of every Filipino soap opera ever made!!!! You can freaking predict what will happen next in the next freaking scene!!! You can forget about everything you know about anime because this will leave you dumbstruck!!! I know I’m being brutal here but the main reason I don’t watch anything in Philippine television is because it is filled with too much DRAMA!!!!

Getting back on topic, there are no proper introductions for all of the characters. Yes, one character died and they lost a good captain but we don’t know who they freaking are!!! The only character that has any development is Bren. But they rushed it too much. Yeah he had a fight with his father and he has a loving little sister and mother, and they died in an accident and that’s it. No emotional connection, no interesting story line and no proper development. They just made an abridged version of it that shouldn’t have been 3 or 4 episodes long.

TL;DR: it’s good for a first try but it could use a lot more work. I mean a lot more. They should have made it into your typical soap opera because after everything I said, I’m not sure I’m going to like it. I’ll just watch other sports anime.

To know more about Barangay 143, you can check out their Facebook page, Twitter account and Youtube channel. Do you agree or disagree with all of my comments? What part do you like about Barangay 143? Let us know and leave your comments in the comment section below.



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