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Bohemian Rhapsody (Film): A Musician’s Thought

When you hear of something that is to say ‘A biopic of the band who’s behind the most famous songs that still lived into your parents’ hearts’ could be easily dismissed as the best film of all time even before watching it by some hardcore Queen fans. I am a hardcore Queen fan myself, My parents introduced me to that band when I was like 8 years old when they have it on a cassette. But, I barely know what’s the story behind different songs and who they got together. So when Philips reached us out last minute and invited us to the screening of the most-awaited biopic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ I jumped right in to see it for myself as more of how can I relate to the band as a musician.

(Source: IMDb)

So, a quick background of Queen for those who don’t know who are they: Queen is a British rock band formed in the 70’s who brought a new approach to the usual British rock genre, making their style of music ahead of their time. Their classic line-up was Brian May, Roger Taylor, John Deacon, and the lead vocalist we all love, Freddie Mercury.

And you might assume that this biopic will only focus on Freddie Mercury alone, that’s true. But the movie didn’t just stop on focusing on the rise and fall of Freddie, it also focuses on the struggles of being in a rock band let alone, a different kind of rock band. Most people think if you become well-known will make one’s life easier, but in reality, you get more problems within your career and few of them are unavoidable.

I’m really glad they chose Rami Dalek other than their original intended actor (Sacha Baron Cohen) not just because of Sacha’s original nature of acting (which ties more into comedy,) but to give more emphasis about Freddie Mercury’s ups and downs. That brought up a different approach when you watch a biopic of a legendary musician. And as a musician when you make music, you may or not need to spread the word what’s the meaning behind the songs or what inspired you to do that kind of approach. After watching that movie enlightened me as a musician. Sure, our genres are way apart but the significance is still there. You make music to express yourself even if your record label or some critics say that it’s terrible, and to our generation of musicians especially in the Philippines, every musician wanted to be a sellout and make something majority of people will love. That’s one of the unfortunate things about the music industry here in the Philippines, everyone is close-minded. They only wanted to be in what’s popular for that season and not even discover other artists and genres that you may or not heard of.

Everything in the aspect of the movie is life-changing even for those who aren’t familiar with Queen or at least Freddie Mercury. That’s all I can’t tell.

To summarize what become a life-changing thing for me as a musician after watching that movie; Innovation. Innovation is what people need to see and hear. Music is art, and it should be respected and discovered as the same thing as the television, movies, etc. Freddie Mercury and the band is struggling for many years just giving something new to the mainstream people.

Let’s show love and support to non-mainstream musicians all around the country and don’t be afraid to discover new genres that you might like.

And for fellow musicians who got this far at my after movie thoughts? I guarantee it will be life-changing for you after watching that movie (and you don’t need to know the band before watching it.) We could all learn a thing or two from the band or just Freddie Mercury himself. And If you’re a die-hard Queen fan; Good luck when you try not to Sing-along.

Thank You Very Much to Philips for bringing us to this Screening!

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