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Fate/Extra Last Encore: P.M.’s Honest Impression

The Nasuverse is a very complicated and vast “multiverse”. I said multiverse because each Fate/, and succeeding, games has multiple endings. In fact another anime adaption can be added to the mix and that is Fate/Extra: Last Encore. Focusing mainly on the bad ending of the game Fate/Extra, we will taking a look at an anime that finally showed us Emperor Umu in her full glory. And no, I’m not kissing Type-moon’s feet just to get tickets for the upcoming FSN: Heaven’s feel movie II Lost Butterfly this coming January 2019. With that being said, let’s hunt some masters.


Where do I begin with this? Since ufotable is not the one who animated this, I’m not going to be overly critical about this. Screw it, I’m doing it anyways. It’s too wonky in all honesty. You have a couple of weird shots that makes a scene look awkward. In one specific scene where Drake is defeated by Emperor Umu and is about to disappear, Captain Drake’s scar looks really awkward. I know I’m nitpicking here but come one!!! They should at least fix it! There are more examples but that’s the most noticeable.

Besides that, action scenes are nice. They’re really giving homage to the original FSN series and to Fate/Extra game. Among the arcs in the series, the one I like best is the Alice arc. Not just with the design of monstrous Alice but the floor itself. It feels like you’re in a freakier version of Wonderland.

Voice acting

I have to be honest here, I like the Japanese dub more than the English dub. I’m saying “I’m a sub over dub” guy here. It’s just that something is missing with Emperor Umu’s English dub and it’s the “Umu!” bit. As spot on as she is for her English version, it just doesn’t feel right. And when Gawain screams out his Noble Phantasm is just off to me. Umu! Time to move on!

Aside from that little rant, I’m just so glad that the OG VAs of the game did the voices in the anime themselves. It just makes me happy. Anyways, Hakuno’s voice is a bit flat sometimes. What can we expect from a guy that was born from death and wants to be dead? We will never know.


As you may expect from a Fate/ anime, the music is rocking! From the high intensity OP theme to the quite depressing ED theme. Both of which are great in their own way. The way they handled the OP of the anime is really quite surprising, each verse was given a specific action sequence. I know it’s very common for anime OPs but hear me out here. Each action doesn’t just interacts with music but it feels like fluid in motion. Each action sequences is well choreograph that you really can’t stop watching it.

With the ED theme, I know I said it was quite depressing but it shows us the struggles of Hakuno and Emperor Umu with each arc that I kinda feel bad for them. With each still art showing us the relationship of each master to their servant will just make feel sad because there is no other way but to go up. And the best thing about the ED is that they show us a painting of both master and servant for that specific arc, which makes it more like a memorial to be honest.

The Story

Unlike Fate/Stay Night that has been adapted 4 times, if you include Studio Deen’s version of UBW and the current movie adaption of Heaven’s Feel, we don’t have much comparison to give it which is a good thing. Though the story itself is the bad ending of the original game, it is not on the level of School Days. And yes, I went there!!!

Considering it is the bad ending, it’s not that bad of an ending. Emperor Umu may disappear, but she will still remain in our hearts. Getting back to topic, the series itself is short, considering how long it will take if you actually play the game, it is not bad of an adaptation. They removed some of the side stories and keeping the important ones to ensure the cohesion of the story.

Going back to the story, I never expected a Holy Grail War that uses a hundred of masters and servants to race to the top of the mooncell. What makes it different from FSN, that uses 7 masters and servants, and FGO, which uses 1 master and infinite number of servants, that it feels like an actual war. Survival of the fittest. Best master and servant wins. What’s more surprising is that Shinji is likable in Fate/Extra unlike his FSN counterpart.

The best arc for me is the Alice arc. Just like what I said in the Animation part, it feels like a freakier version of Wonderland. Plus include a time loop mechanic that will keep on repeating the day over and over and over again if you defeat the monster Alice is insane. But the heart wrenching part is when you learn about what happened to Alice. Learning about it and defeating her is really hard to endure. But in the end, it was for the best.


It’s safe to say that this adaptation is a great success. There is a few bumps here and there but in the end it was all worth it. Though it got me thinking: will they make a version with Tamamo-No-Mae? Will it be like FSN with multiple adaptations? I guess we will just need to wait and see in the future.

What do you guys think of Fate/Extra: Last Encore? Is it worth the wait? Is Emperor Umu’s presence made you gasped in awe? Please let us know in the comment section below.


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