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Goblin Slayer: P.M.’s honest impression

Goblin Slayer, one of the black sheep in the western anime community in the current season. The reason why I said black sheep is because a lot of *ahem* tweets about a very specific scene. I really can’t blame them though, it was quite shocking to say the least. But never the less, I’m here to give my honest impression over it. I won’t leave any details untouched either. With that being said, let’s begin slaying goblins.



I have to say, White Fox really did a good job animating this. From the smooth flow of the action sequences to gorgeous environment. They really know how to adapt a dark fantasy light novel into this beautiful world. Though I can’t say it’s all positive, some of the scenes in the anime is a bit off or the key animation is way off. You’ll need a good eye to this scenes but overall, this won’t ruin the experience.

In how they handle the gory scenes in the anime, that is what I really love about White Fox. They can really make you feel each slice of the Goblin Slayer’s sword or the fact how they make each spell of the priestess look so elegant. The best scene for me, thus far, is the arrow sequence. It is where the elf ranger fire an arrow to kill the goblins. It was good in the manga but seeing in the anime is the best.

Almost forgot about this part, CG Goblin Slayer. Yeah, no. I would understand if they use it in some action scenes but making him the only CG character in a room full of 2D characters is irritating and awkward. I just wish they went full on 2D so we won’t have to suffer for that annoying detail.

Voice acting

If you like deep and mysterious voice, then this is the anime for you. The way the VAs capture their characters is way too perfect. Especially the draconian shaman. I just like how he can switch from serious to ecstatic when he sees cheese. Aside from him, I don’t have much qualms in this area. They are all doing a great job.

In regards to the English dub, I haven’t watch it yet. But I did saw the entrance scene of Goblin Slayer in episode 1. It was fantastic to say the least. If you need more convincing, the VA of Goblin Slayer is the same guy who did Doom guy in the latest reboot.


As you can expect with the fantasy setting, you can expect great music as well. I would say that but some of the scenes don’t have any BG music. Which is for the best, I guess. It makes some of the scenes more intense that way and if you add BG music to a scene that doesn’t really need one will only make it a bit distracting and annoying.

But when comes to the OP and ED music of the the anime, that’s a different story. The OP theme makes it so satisfying to watch. The slow start of the music, then a sudden burst of instruments will make you see into the mind of Goblin Slayer. While the ED theme will make you see his melancholy.

The Story

A fair warning to everyone reading this, the opinions in this part of the article doesn’t reflect the opinions of the NerdDroids as a whole. The opinions are mine alone and I would appreciate it if you don’t start attacking everyone in our group just because I said something that you don’t agree on. With that being said, let’s go back to topic.

The story of Goblin Slayer is rather easy to understand, he really hates goblins with every fiber of his being. That’s why he made it his sole mission to exterminate them all with every means necessary. Well, that’s tamest summary I can give it. Because from here on out, the gloves are off.

Like in any other rpgs, goblins are the lowest level monster you can fight. Kill a few of them and level up to a certain point that you’ll just ignore them in the end. But in this world, it’s so much worse. Though they are considered as canon fodder, they are cruel and vicious. They are homogeneous, meaning they only consist of male goblins. “How do they reproduce?” you ask yourself. Well, that’s what made Goblin Slayer the black sheep of the season. It’s because goblins kidnap women and rape them in order to reproduce.

Since the goblins doesn’t have any means to reproduce themselves, they have to coerced a method that will make reproducing possible and that is forcing human women to reproduce for them. I know it’s a touchy subject and it’s getting old really fast. But that’s how dark fantasy works. You can’t have a dark fantasy where you only have smiles and giggles all the time. On second thought, that’s more creepy than scary.

Anyways, there are far more darker stories than this one. Heck, even some hentais have more darker themes than this. Look at Euphoria. It’s an eroge game turned hentai anime, where the story touch far more than rape. You can check sydsnap’s review on it.

Back on topic, the story structure is like a big DnD session. You can actually imagine yourself as one of the characters in the anime themselves. The best part of it is that all of the characters don’t have any specific names other than their race and job. What I’ve noticed is that the story structure is like with Overlord where they’re rearranging the timeline to make it more linear. If you read the manga or light novel, you’ve already noticed that the farm defense arc will be the season finale.


Goblin Slayer is the kind of anime that will help break away from all of the moe animes from previous seasons. Though there is much to say about the story but if you haven’t seen Berserk, Hellsing, Tokyo Ghoul or even Attack on Titan, then I don’t think Goblin Slayer is for you snowflake. Because let’s face it, with everything happening in this world, the theme of this anime is the least of your worries.

What do you guys think of Goblin Slayer? Is it good? Bad? Or neither? What anime would like me to review next? Please let us know and leave your comments in the comment section below.




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