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HyperX Cloud Earbuds Review: Is it Good?

HyperX just released a pair Gaming Earbuds but not for PC but the for the fastest console selling console on the planet, the Nintendo Switch. The Switch itself is a phenomenal hybrid console but what it lacks in terms of peripherals is a good headset, earbuds or headphones to go with the play-on-the-go style. And this is where HyperX comes in.



The HyperX Cloud Earbuds is priced at PHP 2,999 at which provides an easy-to-store, balanced, and a crisp sound all in one package.


The Design

The design features it’s white colored HyperX logo prominently even if you’re seeing it from afar. It’s housing is sturdy and shows the bright red color on everything except the for where the logo is. The tips themselves are a soft, translucent, gray, triangular rubbery attachments. The cables are flat and sturdy as to prevent it from getting tangled in which I absolutely adore. Along the cable is a housing for a play/pause button and a microphone. At the end of the earbuds is a flexible yet sturdy 90 degree angled connector so you won’t worry about bending it out of place Its design is simple but pleasant to look at.



If you’re wondering if the unusual shape of the tips won’t fit your ear, fear not for HyperX included three sizes that are small, medium and large. As for comfort, they easily go in the ear without a hitch and unlike other earbuds that prevent any air and acts like some ear plugs giving you that popping feeling whenever you remove them.

(I only had medium and large but here’s medium)

The earbuds comes in small, black, rigid carrying case for storing your tips and the earbuds. It’s hard casing prevents it from harming its contents so you can bet that earbuds still lives under all that stuff in your bag.


The Gaming Experience

Like previously mentioned, this earbuds was optimized to work with the Nintendo Switch and it absolutely does its job. The earbuds provides a great balance between the music, sound effects and voice especially in game like Legend of Zelda, Octopath Traveler and Xenoblade Chronicles 2. For me, the sounds are crisp and robust and just a heavenly experience overall. Despite being a pair of earbuds, I can pretty much hear everything on the games mentioned from the amazing BGM down to the small details such as wind, small animals, insects etc.

The soundscape doesn’t distort so you can enjoy as loud as you want. Careful when trying to increase the volume to its max as it is extremely loud and can hurt your ear if you’re not used to it. One thing I like about these earbuds is the fact that I’ve used it for several hours and it doesn’t give my ears any pain at all (Thank you HyperX). I’ve tested the microphone through discord and it pleasantly crystal clear.

Thanks to its 3.5mm audio cable, you can pretty much plug it to any system no problem.


Is It Good?


Overall these earbuds are absolutely great for gaming and for your Nintendo Switch. For its price, no earbuds comes close to it’s overall sound quality.


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