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Overwatch Ashe: The 29th Hero Is Deadlock Gang’s Leader, Mechanics Feel Like Team Fortress 2’s Scout

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed Ashe to be the next  hero to join the fight in Overwatch in Blizzcon 2018. She’s classified an Attack hero and deeply connected to McCree’s criminal cowboy past. Here’s what we know about the upcoming hero in Overwatch, Ashe.


During the recent BlizzCon 2018, a string of content releases about Ashe was revealed. So far, her origin story, cinematic with McCree and her hero teaser has been shown so far. Many Overwatch fans got hyped not only because she’s a new character but she also looks like a fun character to play as. As per new releases, Overwatch players will rush to pick her in matches when she gets released on the Public Test Region and live servers. Many players also note that her release is timely as Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 is still the flavor of the month game since its release this November. As of now, Blizzard has yet to announce her inclusion in the roster in the test and live servers.

Moves Like A Scout

So far, her hero teaser showcases what she can do in an Overwatch match. Her primary weapon is a rifle that shoots fast when fired from the hip and deals a lot of damage when aimed down the sights. Due to this she seems to be one of less skill intensive Attack heroes when it comes to shooting  

Interestingly, her Coach Gun ability makes her fire a sawed-off shotgun that propels her backward.  Players can be creative as she can use it as a high jump if she aims it at the floor and can push approaching enemies if hit by the blast. This gimmick can be recognized from Team Fortress 2’s Scout as he can use hit shotgun

Moreover, she has a Dynamite ability that explodes after a set time and ignites enemies it hits. Players can also shoot the Dynamite to make it explode immediately. As seen in the trailer, the Dynamite ability seems to be good against barriers similar to Junkrat’s bombs.

Lastly, her ultimate allows her to call B.O.B to attack her foes. As seen on the ability showcase on the official site, B.O.B comes in rushing at a targeted area and sends enemies flying up if they’re in the way. Once he stops, he starts laying some fire to any enemy like a turret and has 1200 health.  As confirmed in BlizzCon, B.O.B acts an actual character that can be healed, buffed, and contest objectives. Overall, Ashe seems like an interesting pick as she can even the numbers in teamfights with this summon tank ability.

Back Story

As seen on the content released about her and her profile on the official site, Ashe grew up in a wealthy but neglectful family. Her growing years showed to be in a lot of trouble and none of her parents were to support, save for her omnic butler, Bob.  Most of her philosophy is about family and making one with people you meet along the way if you didn’t like your biological family. However, not much is revealed about her relationship with the former Deadlock Gang member, McCree but she seems to be on good terms with him despite eventually having to go on a shootout to defend the stolen crate she had. Overall, Ashe’s stake in the conflict between Overwatch and Talon are unclear similar to Junkrat and Roadhog’s allegiance. For now, we’ll have to wait on the Overwatch team’s plan for the game in the future. For more Overwatch news and updates, we got you here in The NerdDroids.



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