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Rapoo VPRO V500RGB ALLOY Mechanical Keyboard Review

Mech Keyboard Market is now highly competitive these days when it comes to features, quality, and price, and Rapoo is one of the brands that shines in the affordable mechanical keyboard but a the same time, a good option when you want to start personalizing your mechanical keyboard. Here’s the Rapoo VPRO V500RGB ALLOY Mechanical Keyboard, a bang-for-a-buck mechanical keyboard that you can buy today.

If you watched my unscripted review a month ago, you already got the idea when it comes to its build quality and features. But let’s have a little rundown of the features that I like and I don’t like

Build Quality

The Build Quality is amazing with this mechanical keyboard at its price point. It doesn’t felt cheap (even it’s still felt like plastic), it doesn’t have a flex either unlike some low budget mechanical keyboard on the market. Although if there’s something that I would wish the PBT key caps are a bit more thicker so the wobble won’t be noticeable and the USB cable is braided so it would match the build quality of the mechanical keyboard base.

Keyboard Switch

I still have no confirmation if this is based on Kailh Blue or Otemu Blue. However, when it comes to build quality, it felt more like Otemu Blue. It doesn’t have that cheap feel that I noticed with the Kailh Blue switches. Although like what I said with about the Key caps, I would recommend to get a replacement for better experience.

RGB Lighting

The RGB Lighting features is way more better than my old mechanical keyboard at the same price. It has a lot of options but the customization only stops there, but that’s to be expected at something that targets budget mechanical keyboard market. Although I wish they should have a program to set every mode so the consume won’t be always keep their manual if which is which.


Among all the mentioned flaws about the V500RGB, it’s still a great keyboard for those who wanted to move from a membrane or ‘mem-canical’ keyboards to a real deal without shelling too much money. It’s still not the most affordable keyboard in the market, but it does deliver its promise as a bang-for-the-buck mechanical keyboard with RGB.



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