Rules of Survival: The Good-ish and the Bad

The most-popular Mobile Battle Royale in Asia, but most known for having bad reputation and being vulnerable of getting hacks, and the ever-popular Pisonet children’s game called “Rules of Survival.” And at this first Editorial which you’ll mostly see 99.9% rant on a particular topic, we’ll be talking about what did right and what did go wrong with this game.

I’ve been hyped about new any FPS/TPS game modes since I played PUBG (that’s been given by my friend) in 2017, I could never be more excited how other developers will make their own Battle Royale games that will either surpass or at least on par with the OG (which is PUBG.)

Before you share or throw a hate comment on me and say “Blargh! This guy didn’t even give Rules of Survival a chance! Stupid PUBG Elitist!,” I did actually play Rules of Survival before with an open-mind where even my friends from the PUBG Community wanted me to stay away with that game (and my little brother who’s ironically in fond of this game.) I even won with a squad before ON MY FIRST game, it actually gave me a good fun factor practicing aims and strats and applying it to the most harder game like PUBG and H1Z1.

Although saying that this is like an “Easy Mode” of Battle Royale genres comparing to something like PUBG or H1Z1, it’s not entirely bad especially for people like me who wanted to “git gud” at this game (like how kids say these days.) The elephant in the room is in the experience with other players, it’s like 20% of the time, there are people calling you “hacker” for being good and trashing you like there’s no tomorrow, which is actually unavoidable whenever game you are in (like even in Arcade, you can’t avoid the toxicity of some players) so that’s forgivable. Now for a bigger portion, 60% are hackers which ruin not just the gameplay experience, even the reputation of the RoS Community that son of a gun was in. “But NicDroid, RoS is not the only game that you can hack.” True, and that’s kinda like a “second nature” when you’re playing any games anyway, what is wrong specifically with this particular game is how accessible it is.

Here’s one of the example, Famous Rules of Survival Streamer NoahFromYT died to a hacker which is surprisingly a Philippine Kid, it’s fine if it’s a grown-up but imagine this: “How the f$#% the kid got that hack?” Normally, hacks aren’t that accessible to everyone (and 99.9% of the time, you have to pay for it,) that raised a lot of questions not just inside the Rules of Survival Community, but also outside who’s not even that active on the game (like me.) And that issue happened for almost 2 months now, and that video is just 3% of the complaints. NetEase, are you that vulnerable to security? You’re almost there for being the most playable Battle Royale game for mobile and low-end PCs yet you screwed that up that PUBG Mobile took over that throne after they released the game globally (and now even competing for low-end PC gamers with Tencent Gaming Buddy with PUBG Mobile.)

And “poof!” Rules of Survival for Steam is released and it’s only for Php 100. Honestly, this gave me a little hope since Number One: You have to pay to play! (Bye-bye Pisonet Players,) and Number Two: They’re using Valve’s Anti-Cheat, in spite of having major differences from their Mobile, Emulated, and even the old PC Port, this will still raise some questions since honestly, VAC is not that really strong (fellow CS: GO and DoTA 2 Players will relate on this one,) and even prone to scapegoating fair players thinking that they’re hackers. Although some players from the Philippine PC Gaming Community and even Rules of Survival Philippine Community confirmed that it’s now more enjoyable to play than the Mobile and the Ports, that’s momentary for sure. Not in the sense that you’ll be shouted by a “hacker kid” “Philippines Numbah Wan” again in the Steam Version, it’s more of the fact that it will never be on par with the OG like PUBG anymore (especially when they release an official Emulator for it too.)

To summarize this rant, their move on making a paid Steam Version is good-ish for less toxicity and vulnerable to hacks, but it honestly still doesn’t change how terrible the game and earned a very bad reputation to the community. I’m not implying that you should stop playing this game right now and move to something like PUBG Mobile or even Fortnite for free alternatives, it’s more of a hard criticism that is once a potential to rule them all in the Mobile Battle Royale scene, now full of disappointment and got that throne stolen by PUBG Mobile.


Nico Guarte / NicDroid

"Jack of All Trades" of the Media Team. Host, Editor-in-Chief, Music Producer, Streamer, loves Rhythm Games. The "Philippine deadmau5" as friends call him.

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