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Steam Autumn Sale 2018: Top 5 Discounted Games You Should Consider Buying

The seasonal Steam Sale for this Fall 2018 is upon us once more and will definitely take money from those with loaded wallets. Before you spend your Steam Wallet on games that you probably won’t touch, try looking out for games that will definitely be worth your time and money instead. Here are some games you should look out for this Steam Autumn Sale 2018.

Ubisoft eSports Games: Rainbow Six Siege and For Honor

For a while now, Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege has proven to be a strong First Person Shooter title as an eSport game. Many players value the tactical approach with the breakable walls and floors as part of the game’s fun. Ubisoft is still actively supporting Rainbow Six Siege with fresh content as the new Operation Wind Bastion is currently playable in its test servers.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft gave out free vanilla For Honor last June.  While people got it free, the playable characters for this free handout were extremely limited as it only unlocks one character depending on which faction you’ve chosen at the beginning. As of the Marching Fire update, For Honor has 16 characters and just having one character can bore you out fast.

Since it’s the Steam Autumn Sale, you can buy Rainbow Six Siege or For Honor bundles at a discounted price. The bundles assure that you get more characters to play in the game and allow you to enjoy them more even if you’re not going competitive with these games. Make sure to buy the bundle around the middle as the cheapest ones will offer few characters to add to your playable roster.

Monster Hunter World

Since its release on the PC last August, Capcom’s Monster Hunter World has been going through event after event for weeks now. While the price slash isn’t that high, this is a good time to buy the game as the events slowly catch up on the PS4 version. Once Capcom has aligned the PS4 and PC Monster Hunter event calendar, we’ll be sure to see more content such as crossover events and additional monsters in the hunt.

Dragonball FighterZ

Arc System Works and Bandai Namco’s Dragonball fighting game has continuously taken up the big Fighting Game eSports scene since its release last February.  As seen on the streamed tournaments online, many professional players from different fighting games have clashed in this specific game and makes the whole competition fun to watch. If you’re not up for the competitive scene and shouting with the fans as Cell lets out his power-up yelling, you can take the game as it is technically complete with all eight DLC characters released. The game is simple enough to let you bash buttons and easy special moves to wreck your friends for fun. Even at a 50% discount, it’s still going to be worth your buck as its strong popularity strongly shows it could receive a new set of DLC characters like Street Fighter 5 and Tekken 7.

No Man’s Sky

Okay, we all know that No Man’s Sky had an atrocious release when players discovered there wasn’t much to discover because the game lacked many of its promised content. However, the developers have continuously and quietly releasing updates despite the massive backlash it had on its few months of showing up. As of now, the Visions update adds more strangeness to No Man’s Sky as new features on exotic planets eerie growths and uncanny life forms are now in the game. Players will not only see weird formations, hazardous plants, and living rocks on the weird planets now as archeology is now also a thing in the game. Players can dig to find remains of older creatures or even civilizations as stated in the trailer. If you’re up to give No Man’s Sky another chance with this new update, the Steam Autumn Sale 2018 has a 50% discount waiting for you. If you’re still thinking what else to take aside from these games, you still have until November 27 to decide. Keep updated with more gaming news here with us, The NerdDroids.



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