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Today’s Menu for Emiya Family: P.M.’s Honest Impression

Who doesn’t love a good cooking anime? Throughout the years, we have seen a lot of over the top animes that mirrors our way of tasting delicious food. Some goes over the top like Yakitate Japan and some mellow like Restaurant from another world. In today’s honest impression, we will be looking at an anime with a slice of life theme over an action-based fantasy genre. Yes, I’m talking about Today’s Menu for Emiya Family or Emiya gohan. With that being said, let’s begin.



I have to say, they really brighten up the theme for this latest entry to the Nasuverse. Yes, we have Fate/Kaleid but that anime does have darker tones in some of it’s episode. I can’t forget about Carnival Phantasm, with its over the top animation from point A to point B. Back on topic, Emiya gohan has this laid back theme that’s kinda hard to miss. Not just from the animation alone, but with the story itself.

You can really tell that the animators took their time in making each episode. If you visit ufotable’s FB page, you can actually see the process on how they animate each dishes that Shirou makes. Did they do the same process like the animators did in Pixar while making Ratatouille? I’m not quite sure unless they release a video on making each episodes. Now that will be something.

I forgot to mention how cutesy the whole anime is. They really made it into something so cute and adorable that you really can’t deny that it came from the Fate/ series. From Rin to Sakura and even Illya, they are all cute on their own rights. But let’s not forget the dashing Archer and Lancer who can make any women swoon. Seriously, they can just make an episode where this two is buying a gift and the fujoshis will eat it right up.

Voice acting

It’s good to see that the original cast gets to relax a bit on this one. The way they read each line makes it hard to believe that this came from an anime where blood and guts flying every where. If I were a first timer into the Nasuverse and watched this first then watched all of the previous titles, I’ll crying my eyes out.

Like I said earlier, the cast members are more relax in voicing their characters with the added bonus of their reactions while eating the food. I have to wonder though, does the cast eat the actual food before recording their lines? Or do they eat it while recording? If that actually happens, I wonder what’s their favorite dish?


I can’t deny the fact the music of Emiya gohan is really terrific. Adding it to the mix makes it the perfect meal for the senses. The way they handled the BG music when eating the food is just making hungry. On a side note, this review is making hungry and I will definitely eat something afterwards.

In regards to the OP and ED, both are just earworms. The OP theme with its catchy jingle and with Saber saying itadakimasu at the end is just adorable. While the ED theme is like an after lunch or dinner tea: warm, fulfilling and relaxing. Who can ask for more?

The Story

There is not much to say with the story really. It’s a slice of life story with characters who wants to kill each for a cup. But the nicest thing about it is that they were able to incorporate existing characters into a theme that doesn’t really match the tone of the original story. How can you make Berserker get a tree for Christmas? To top it all of, he received a present from his master, Illya, without shouting! I’m not making things up. Watch episode 12 and you’ll see what I mean.

The best thing about this anime is how Shirou, Rin, and Archer prepares each meal. They gave us a step by step instruction on how to make each dish. From ingredients to preparation, each dish are prepared in a manner that viewers can actually try making it themselves. Heck, I even tried to make the Karaage recipe and it went better than expected. With the exception of some ingredients that I don’t have.


Overall, it is a great addition to the Nasuverse where they are not killing each other for something. Unlike Carnival Phantasm, Emiya gohan is more focus on you prepare and enjoy a satisfying meal with both friends and family. What do you think of Emiya gohan? Does it need more action? Needs more Berserker carrying Illya on his shoulder? Please let us know in the comment section below.




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