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Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru!: P.M.’s Honest Impression

Have you ever been obsess with something? It could be anything! Whether it is a certain show, object, activity or even celebrities, being obsess with something can be, sometimes, healthy or something needing of an intervention. Much like I promised last December, I will be reviewing Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru! A former JSDF soldier turned maid, Tsubame Kamoi, is our obsessive protagonist together with Misha Takanashi, a Japanese-Russian (or is it Russian-Japanese) girl with blond hair and green eyes. She’s like a life size doll but I will save that statement for the next review. With that being, let’s over-analyze this series!


I have to say, 2018 has been a year where you can see a lot of improvements in term of animation style. You can definitely see it in this series, specially in the first episode where Misha was running to get her father. Though you can’t see it throughout the entire series, you can see the workmanship that goes through the process of making this anime.

I have to mention this since it is always shown to the entire audience. And no, it is not Kumagoro or the 3 hamsters, it’s Kamoi’s ABS!!!! Seriously, who can be that rip after serving the military???? I know I’m being too harsh here and I can’t really say that much since I don’t exercise that much myself but those abs, those abs is really RIP!!!! They’re like chocolate bars that I want to eat!!!

Enough of me being creepy but the way the studio adapted the manga is greatly appreciated.

Voice Acting

I really can’t express myself on how good the voice acting in this anime is. The way the VAs portrayed each characters is quite amazing. I can’t get enough on how cute Misha’s voice is and how silly Kamoi can be. Well that’s just a few example. They really picked the right VAs for each characters. And since this is a slice of life anime, you really can’t expect something like screams, grunts or power techniques being said out loud. Well, it depends.


What can I say about the music? Let’s tackle the OP and ED first because they are currently stuck in my head while writing this review. First the OP, in a sense it is really catchy that when you hear it playing, you may have the urge to dance to it. Though I cannot compare it to Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid’s OP, the song itself represents how both Misha and Kamoi interacts to each other.

The ED is a really good work music. The main reason is how they animated it. The way both protagonists are working out while song plays is enough for me. In a serious note, the way both VAs sang the song is one of the main reason is as catchy as the OP. It’s like they are having a conversation in a form of a song.

The Story

This is where things really gets serious. But I have to mention this before continuing, I’ve been cringing so much while I watched this that I have to pause it at a certain moment and do something else.

Like what I’m doing right now. I cannot stress it enough that I really like the show but the way certain sequences are happening that I really like to hit my head on to a wall. So Kamoi, please control yourself before they really call the cops on you.


Back to business. The way the author structured the story is really a roll coaster. As you can see in my little rant awhile ago, the show itself is really funny and enjoyable but can be a bit frustrating. For Pete’s sake they are all adults and yet Misha is more mature compared to them.

Anyways, some of the jokes can be a hit or miss but doesn’t mean it’s not well written. We have a obsess induced maid that if you don’t watch her every move she may steal something one of your possessions. Though in this case, she doesn’t need to because she’s collecting hair instead *facepalm*. A masochistic, former, first lieutenant whose obsess with the previously mentioned maid. Lastly, a girl whose obsess on being the cutest in her class that she was stalked creep through social media. You know where I’m going with this right????

Though I’ve saying a lot of negative things about the anime, it is just how it was structured. The author have to do a balancing act so it is both enjoyable and relatable, at the same time not to cringy.


Should I recommend this to first timer, definitely not. Most of the tropes that was used in the anime might be too overwhelming for them. To veteran watchers, yes. Especially if you are into maids. And no I’m not going to say that word because the FBI might break my door and arrest me. Next review will be on another obsess protagonist but this time with dolls.

What do you think of UzaMaid? Do you also want to have that kind of abs like Kamoi’s??? Please let us know in the comment section below.



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