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Zombieland Saga: PM’s First Honest Impressions

Since I don’t have much to say about Brgy. 143, because let’s be honest here, I’ll just continue to spat out the same comments over and over again on how they handled the project. With that being said, I’ll focus on another recent anime that’s been receiving a lot of love among fans, and that is Zombieland Saga. It’s not the movie where you kill zombies but zombies being turn into Idols. Yeah, I don’t get it either. Enough with the summary, let’s start with the HONEST impression.


It’s quite “colorful” to say the least. Since we’re talking about an idol anime here, it’s suppose to be colorful to match the theme of the story, but the most unique thing about this anime is that the color theme suddenly changes when they’re zombies. Specially in the first episode where the theme changed from bright and happy to dull and scary in just a few minutes.

The flow of animation is really smooth since the animation studio that did this is the same that made the Yuri on Ice anime. I can really tell the efforts that they made just to make the anime stand-out among the other idol animes that’s currently out. Not much to say with the CGI though, it’s just meh for me. The episode where they did a guerrilla performance in a park was a nice touch but it just stand-out too much. I know that some idol animes uses CGI models to do the performance part, but for me it’s not really working.

With the character designs, how do I say this? They somehow manage to make a zombie cute. I know it’s monster girls all over again, but who can blame them? When MonMusu premiered, you really can’t expect that monster girl can be beautiful and cute. Back to topic, the character designs is really refreshing for a zombie themed anime. You can distinguish from each other and somehow, SOMEHOW, you really can’t say they’re zombies if they have their make-up on.

Voice acting

They really nailed it. The casting they made was really worth it, in the Japanese dub at least. I’ll be tackling the English dub later. Aside from episode 1, all of the songs they’ve performed so far was really good. Especially the rap battle in episode 2. Main reason why I started watching the anime is because there was a lot of memes being made with that scene alone.

But among all of the lovable characters in the anime, I think the one who really who got me hooked is the producer. From his dialogues alone got me laughing. I’ll be tackling with the characters more in the Story part.

For the English dub, I think they did an okay job but I don’t really like the VA for main character. I don’t know, it’s a bit off. And the way they handled the performance part was okay, I guess. It’s not that I don’t like it but they could have tried to dub it, I guess. But if they do dub it and it turns out to be awful, well let’s just say Funimation made the right decision.


It freaking rocks. But to give it more perspective, the music is really well made. I’m not into Idol music to be quite honest, but the way the series tackles on different types of genre of music will really make think. From the growling to the rap battle to the group performance, they actually did a stellar performance. With the BG music, it’s really quite relaxing to listen to. It really captures the mood of a scene.

With the opening theme, I think Gigguk sums it best: an opening that somehow rivals Jojo for most stylish OP. Lastly, the ending theme, if you need something relaxing, this is definitely it.

The Story

It’s a very unique and I’ll quote Gigguk again for this one: a show that shouldn’t really work but it does. It’s an Idol anime with zombies, basically. I really can’t summarize it better than that. Anyways, the way they use this premise is really quite refreshing. You can never expect this anime to be that entertaining. It’s like pineapples on pizza, it’s unorthodox but it works.

Characters, where do I begin with the characters? We have a zombie that wishes to be an Idol when she was alive. A zombie who was a former leader of a biker gang. A zombie who was a former child actress prodigy. A zombie who was a former courtesan. A zombie who was the former leader of a famous idol group. A zombie who was a former Idol from the 1980s. And we have Tae Yamada. Also a zombie dog and a very hyperactive producer who actually revived them. I’m not making this up, this is the main cast.

Anyways, the way they structured the story is like what you see in your typical anime. A zero to hero story where they’ll be famous in the end. But since the anime is only 12 episodes long, we will see how they’ll handle the story progression. So far, continuity is really good and you’ll be rooting for them to succeed.


I’m really liking the premise of the story. Though this is my very first Idol-themed anime, the way they are handling the story, I think I’ll watch some Idol animes once the season is finish. Also, I think they should stick on using different genres of music just to make it stand-out more. If you’re want to start watching Idol animes, I think this is the best anime to start with. Well that’s my opinion on it.

What do you guys think? Do you want to see another rap battle in the series? Or more metal music? Please let us know in the comment section below.






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